This website exists since 2008. It’s always been a page for testing purposes and to try new things. Here is a list of changes that made the website what is is today.



23. August

  • New Content on Page Leistungen
  • Reworked Responsive View of the entire Page

10. August

  • Added dynamic CSS switching in JavaScript and HTML. Visitors can now choose a prefered color preset for this website. The preset is stored in a cookie, so that the chosen preset can be loaded next time when the visitor comes back.
  • Changed colors for the default color preset to black/white/red
  • New Font „Vollkorn“ is beeing used

08. August

  • Reworked content area and sidebar background colors. The content area is now lighter then before which should support reading quality.
  • Added and re-styles search box and search results.

08. July

  • Changed Logo Icon and Colors. The Logo is now a SVG image

06. July

  • Changed colors of the main menu and the header area
  • Added some nice CSS3 shake effect to the tag bullets

24. May

  • A brand new footer with a custom menu, all tags and latest posts


08. September – 25. October

  • Complete redesign of the website. The Website is made a one pager. Every content is added to the startpage by ajax requests dynamically.




  • Switched to WordPress CMS in order to speed up development process. Therefore I created a custom theme with high flexability.




12. August

  • Initial website launch, with just some basic info about me.